Monday, September 13, 2010


DALITS are a dejected lot as there is no end in sight for their pitiable living conditions bereft of even the basic amenities. All the more, they are neglected by the concerned powers-that-be.

Like a two-edged sword, the Dalits have been virtually pushed to the wall even while facing the onslaught of Upper Caste people. This is the case in almost all the areas across the district. Venting out his ire, M Thangavel, State Organiser, Vizhuthugal, an NGO working for the uplifting Arunthathiyars said that they seldom raise their voice against any humiliation meted out to them for fear of earning the wrath of Caste Hindus since they solely depend on them for their living.

H oweve r, Vi z h u t h u g a l through series of meetings could create an awareness among the Arunthathiyar population both in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts about fighting for their legitimate rights besides raising their voice against the atrocities of Caste Hindus.

Referring to Achampalayam village in Keriagoundenpalayam panchayat under Annur Union, he said the 40-odd Arunthathiyar families are living in `dark' as they have been denied power supply for the past three decade.

He said the reason attributed was that they are residing in Odai poromboke land.
And they didn't possess patta for the land in their use. It is anybody's guess the fate of series of petitions given during weekly grievance meeting seeking pattas.

Thangavel said that not even a single official from District Adidravidar Welfare Office had visited their area all these years. To be precise, none of the welfare schemes had reached them.

Like any other Arunthathiyar colony, they too face the burial ground problem as it is located in the outskirts of the village. During rainy season, things turn for the worse as they had to cross knee-deep water in the percolation pond carrying the corpse.

Meanwhile, Garkey, a lawyer, who heads the Samathua Munnani told Express that an Arunthathiyar, working at a handloom weaving unit in Annur Union, was assaulted by a Caste Hindu as he was riding an motorbike.

However, they took up the issue with the Annur police where an FIR has been filed under Prevention of Atrocities Act. To protest against the atrocities of Caste Hindus, the Samthuva Munnani staged a demonstration in Annur on Wednesday.

Both Thangavel and Garkey told Express that even Dalits were prevented from using cellphones by the Caste Hindus at Mangampalayam village in Annur Union.